Friday 15 March 2013

The Twilight Prisoner

Finished March 15
The Twilight Prisoner by Katherine Marsh

This is the sequel to The Night Tourist, and again the main character is Jack Perdu. Jack finds that even though he is back in the living world, he can still see ghosts, but try as he might he can't find Euri. He decides to move on and try for Cora, a girl in his Latin class that he really likes. He finally gets up the nerve to ask her out and tries to make an impression on her, but finds that things don't go as planned. He is stuck in the underworld again and this time he's involved Cora. Will Euri help them find a way out, and will the guards find them?
Lots going on, with some unrequited love thrown in. Euri finds a way to move forward here, as does Jack, but things aren't easy when you are facing up to things you don't want to happen.

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