Wednesday 13 March 2013


Finished March 13
Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

This teen novel is the first in a trilogy. It features Grace, a teenage girl who is obsessed with a wolf, a wolf she remembers from an incident in her childhood. The wolf is Sam, a young man who was bitten by wolves when he was only eight, and since then has changed into a wolf whenever the cold weather sets in, changing back into a human for the summer months. He, too, is obsessed, obsessed with Grace.
Of course that is the core of this paranormal romance, but there are other stories too. There is Olivia, one of Grace's best friend, an avid photographer, also fascinated by the wolves. There is Jack, an angry young man, whose behaviour takes him into danger and desperation. There is Isabel, Jack's sister, who wants to save her brother, but doesn't really like him. And there is the rest of Jack's pack, a mixed group with different pasts, who each have differently reactions to the situation their nature has put them in.
Some good storylines, and many of the characters have interesting complexities. A nice addition to this genre.

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