Wednesday 6 February 2013

The Burma Effect

Finished February 6
The Burma Effect by Michael E. Rose

This is the second book I've read by Rose. The first was The Tsunami File. This one is actually set earlier, in 2001. Frank Delaney, Canadian journalist and sometime CSIS spy is at home near Ottawa readying his boat for the water when he gets a call from CSIS asking him to go to Thailand to find out what happened to another Canadian journalist who seems to have gone missing, Nathan Kellner. Frank knows Kellner fairly well and tries to find out more about what he may have been working on by visiting Kellner's editor in London on his way to Bangkok. Once in Bangkok, he looks for more information again, but soon discovers himself in danger. Before he knows it, he is involved in dangerous events out of his control, and must try to survive and get help. Moving from Thailand to Burma and back again, this eventful thriller will keep you reading. A good plot and an interesting side of Frank.

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