Thursday 14 February 2013

Moonlit Mind

Finished February 14
Moonlit Mind by Dean Koontz, performed by Peter Berkrot

This short book has elements of fantasy and horror, and is set in an unnamed city in recent times. Crispin has lived on the streets for three years and a few months, since he was nine. As he turns thirteen, he is led to return to the house he fled.
The book alternates between the present and the times before and when Crispin fled his home in fear for his life. As it unfolds, we gradually learn just what happened that night and why Crispin feels guilt and a sense of something unfinished.
Crispin has been stalked since he fled, by humans under the force of evil. He has been granted a dog protector, and has found what things (large religious objects, places of true religious sanctuary, and running water) confuse those who follow him and offer him protection from them. He has also found a friend in Amity, a young woman who has also fled evil. Amity offers him not only friendship, but also an occasional place to stay, and support. She knows his story and encourages him in fulfilling the unfinished.
A story of magic, good and evil, and the unknown world around us all.

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