Tuesday 6 November 2012

Watching the Dark

Finished November 6
Watching the Dark by Peter Robinson

This is another mystery novel in the series featuring Alan Banks. Here, the story begins with the murder of a policeman, and leads to another murder, criminal activity involving migrant workers, and a trail to a case several years old. Annie is just about to return to work after her injury, and gets involved in the domestic end of the case. Banks is off digging into the cold case in Estonia, looking for the ties between the dead policeman and an Estonian journalist.
As usual I enjoy the personal and inner lives we see of these characters, how they relate to each other, the way their history affects their behaviour, and the likes and dislikes. There are weak criminals, repentant ones, and those too arrogant for their own good in the long run. Banks himself is a bit of a rebel, with a strong interest in justice, but not necessarily in following the rules. Annie is also so inclined, with an interest in helping those who have been victimized. She is still recovering both physically and mentally from her close call, and that also is brought into the story. We have the usual fellow police officers, as well as a few new ones, including a lovely blonde. And as in all Banks novels, we have music, both classical and modern, with a lean towards folk. Bringing in the recent criminal trends of human trafficking in its many forms and the drug trade, this novel is a nice addition to the series.

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