Saturday 24 November 2012

The Silver Nutmeg

Finished November 24
The Silver Nutmeg by Palmer Brown

This book follows Beyond the Pawpaw Trees, and once again Anna Lavinia is having adventures. When her father returned last time, he wanted her to have another point of view and made a hole in the garden wall for that purpose. But he didn't finish the job, leaving a hole that Anna Lavinia must clamber through. The view through the hole is of Dew Pond Hill, because a hill with a dew pond is something special.
The land is going through a dry spell, with the well run dry, meaning Anna Lavinia must go to the spring for water for her mother. On one of her trips, she returns to find a visitor, Uncle Jeffrey, who has come to replenish their spice supply and tell stories. Anna Lavinia gets permission from her mother to go to the dew pond and there she finds a new friend, Toby, and insight into Uncle Jeffrey's life.
A lovely tale of adventure.

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