Tuesday 25 September 2012

Winter Journal

Finished September 17
Winter Journal by Paul Auster, read by the author

A month before his sixty-fourth birthday Auster began writing this memoir. It isn't your standard memoir giving experience over time, but more stream of consciousness. Auster moves from memories of the origins of scars on his body, to the women he's loved, to places he has lived, among many other streams. He speaks from the heart, and his experiences are interesting. His stories show the how much he has thought about his experiences, connected different things that have happened in his life and learned from them.
He is honest enough about his experiences that he doesn't always portray himself in the best light, but he also doesn't try to apologize for that. He just describes his actions and his emotions and makes you feel part of it. I loved the way things wandered, from one type of memory to another. I think listening to him read it only added to the experience in a very positive way. A great writer, a great storyteller, and a great read.

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