Sunday 16 September 2012

Sarah Thornhill

Finished September 16
Sarah Thornhill by Kate Grenville

Every novel I read by Kate Grenville confirms her as a wonderful writer. Sarah Thornhill's story begins as a child, the youngest child of William Thornhill. William came to Australia as a convict, but worked hard and became a landowner, with a nice house on the Hawkesbury River. Sarah isn't a demure girl, but one who rides horses, loves spending time outdoors, and asks questions when she wants to know things. She is close to her oldest brother Will, and his friend Jack Langland. Jack is someone Sarah has had strong feelings for since she was a child, and intends to marry one day. Jack appears to have strong feelings for her as well. But  Sarah's father has a secret, and when Sarah makes her intentions known, this secret is revealed to Jack with devastating results.
Bereft by the loss of Jack, Sarah finds herself a new life, but when the past returns years later, she must face her family's history.
A novel of race, family, and Australian history, this is a tale that shows the best and the worst. Sarah is a young woman with a strong will and a strong sense of self. Her story shows her character growth.

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