Wednesday 9 May 2012

The Spies of Warsaw

Finished May 7
The Spies of Warsaw by Alan Furst, ready by Daniel Gerroll

This novel takes place in the months just before World War II and Germany's invasion of Poland. The action is centered around a French miliary attache and spy, Colonel Jean-François Mercier. Mercier had fought beside Polish forces in World War I and was decorated for his actions then. He regularly meets with Polish military intelligence, and has been running a spy, an engineer in a tank facility, out of Germany. His social obligations in Warsaw bring him into contact with German, Russian, and Polish diplomats and spies and involve him in some interesting situations. It is through these social functions that he meets Anna, a native to Paris whose heritage is Polish and who works as a lawyer for the the League of Nations. The novel has romance, intrigue, danger and a strong sense of history. Thoroughly enjoyable with moments of suspense and foreboding.


  1. I've heard that Furst is the master of the WWII spy novel. I also read that one and enjoyed it, prompting me to buy a couple other of his books. You're right that it has a little bit of everything.

  2. Yes, I read his Spies of the Balkans first and loved it.