Thursday 24 May 2012

Comeback Love

Finished May 24
Comeback Love by Peter Golden

This lovely little book is a love story and the story of finding what is important in life.
The story goes back and forth between the present and the late 1960s, when Gordon and Glenna first met.
In the present, Gordon feels like his life is falling apart. On his way to visit his sister Elaine in Boston, he stops in New York to visit his parents' graves and see his old girlfriend Glenna. But Glenna is more than just any old girlfriend, she is the one he has always longed for and grieved over losing. Is it possible to go back?
In the past, Glenna is a med student and Gordon is trying to stay out of Vietnam and become a writer. He writes articles for the Long Island Press for little pay and is beginning to make a name for himself. But Glenna is a beauty and sometimes he wonders what she sees in him. Glenna herself has issues not always visible to Gordon and their relationship has its ups and downs. We know from the beginning that things between them didn't work but we see how things developed as we follow that storyline, and we see in the present what in his life has driven Gordon to take the risk of seeing Glenna again and reaching out to her.
A novel that explores the vulnerability that exists in relationships and the risks of opening oneself to love.

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  1. Love does get complicated sometimes, sounds like a pleasant read.