Thursday 19 January 2012

Flying with Amelia

Finished January 19
Flying with Amelia by Anne Degrace
This volume of linked stories takes us from 1847 to the present, and across Canada. From a family fleeing the potato famine of Ireland through both world wars, the depression, the fight for women's rights and acknowledging the effects of global warming, this novel will give us glimpses of our country in a new way. Degrace says she intended to show that despite our country's youth, we have a rich history and social and cultural diversity. She succeeds in this. The voices here vary from women to men, and from young girls to elderly women. We see the big city, the small town, rural Canada, and the far north.
The stories capture and surprise and offer versions of our disparate experiences. A great read.


  1. Sounds excellent. Thanks for your review.

  2. It was really good. And each story didn't end in a predictable way either.