Sunday 1 January 2012

Brief Summary of 2011 Reading

I'm not going to talk about individual books here, just give a summary of reading.

I read 193 books in 2011.
84 of them were by Canadian authors.
13 were kids' books.
8 were teen books.
46 were nonfiction.
6 were translations.
2 were graphic novels.
7 were short story collections.
27 were audiobooks.
2 were poetry books.
1 was a collection of essays.


  1. WOW 46 non fiction, I have a little non-comfort zone with that one. Great reading though. I must keep better records.

  2. Try narrative nonfiction Irene. Things like history and memoir. My library has a list we call "Nonfiction for Fiction Readers" that is a great place to start.