Thursday 4 August 2011

Mr. M

Finished August 4
Mr. M: the exploring dreamer by Soizick Meister, words by K. George
I grabbed this off the new book cart at work yesterday. It looks like a children's picture book, but is so much more. Meister has painted the figure of Mr. M for years. In this book she inserts Mr. M into both thoughtful and amusing situations in British Columbia landscape. Mr. M is both the common man and the other. The works here relate to our self-knowledge and how we place ourselves in the world. I love how the works relate to each other and the humour and wordplay depicted here.
A neat, surprising, little book.


  1. I love Mr. M. I'll have to check this out. thanks Shonna

  2. Never heard of it before, but it does sound like an interesting premise.

  3. The art is great and inspiring.

  4. Well, you've piqued my interest—hope our libray gets this one in as well!