Thursday 4 August 2011

Invisible Chains

Finished August 3
Invisible Chains: Canada's Underground World of Human Trafficking by Benjamin Perrin
Wow. I was aware that human trafficking was going on in the world and even in Canada, but several things in this book really surprised me. First, I was surprised at the extent of this crime here. Second, I was surprised at the lack of arrests and convictions, especially given the extent. Canada is an embarrassment among other countries on several counts. This is especially interesting given Harper's "law and order" platform. Here are some criminals he can really go after, victims he can really rescue, and look good both domestically and internationally doing so. Of course it would require cooperation with NGOs (something he isn't good at) and open and clear communication (ditto).
This book is very readable and something we should all be aware of. As Perrin shows, the education of the average citizen on this issue can assist in freeing the victims and bringing justice to the criminals. Much more needs to be done by the government, but the more we know about this crime and the signs of it, the likelier we will make a real difference. Perrin outlines endeavours by a number of other countries that give us a roadmap of where to go.
This is an amazing book, with so much information. Perrin knows his stuff and works to make a difference himself every day.


  1. I just linked my latest review for the Canadian Book Challenge and spotted your linky for 'Invisible Chains'— just had to click and visit considering the quote I used to introduce The Green Library.

    I'm not a big non-fiction reader but this one sounds like an eye-opener, a book that should be paid more attention.

    Completely unrelated, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is not only a family favourite but also a tradition! We pop it in the VCR (yes, we still own a VCR!) where it enjoys several "viewings" as we decorate our Christmas tree. Cool to see this charming old musical listed as one of your favourites too!

  2. Definite read this book. And disappointly I read in the paper today that the BC government cut funding on this. Wrong direction!

    Love that tradition Wanda. I don't have a DVD copy, but may have to get one just so I can do this too!