Tuesday 1 February 2011

When Autumn Leaves

Finished February 1
When Autumn Leaves by Amy S. Foster
Autumn is a wise woman and a member of the Jaen, a sisterhood dedicated to helping others. She lives on Avening, an island off the BC coast. Avening is a different community, where it is hard not to believe in magic. Autumn has come to the point that she must move on, and to do so she must select her own replacement. She takes the next year to look at the list of candidates that the Jaen have given her as well as some she has noticed on her own.
This is a tale that speaks to the magic that is present everyday, that is tied to the earth and the elements that make up our world. As Autumn looks at the women and girls in her community, she finds powers that she hadn't realized were there. The women and girls haven't been always aware of the nature and strength of their gifts either and we see them gain knowledge.
I enjoy this side of the spiritual and have had some personal experiences that speak to it as well. There is more out there than we know. This is a great story and a captivating read. Enjoy.

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