Wednesday 2 February 2011


Finished February 2
Confession by Lee Gowan
This Canadian novel is a sad one. Young Dwight Froese has lived a difficult life in small town Saskatchewan, with an engaging  but slightly mad young mother and an abusive older father. When he finds his mother's dead body, he is sure his father killed her and challenges him to a duel. He ends up killing his father. Later he is told that his father didn't kill his mother and that her death was an accident.
Dwight spends some time in a mental institution and is taken under the wing of a prominent local doctor, who is also the father of the girl that Dwight has had a crush on since second grade. As Dwight finds a new and different relationship with God, he also eventually finds a new purpose to his life that is unfortunately mired in the past.
Sad, poignant, and very readable.

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