Saturday 22 January 2011

My Reading Life

Finished January 20
My Reading Life by Pat Conroy, read by the author
This is a gem of a book. Conroy reflects on his life, showing how reading became a part of it, talking about those important in the development of his reading, and detailing his experiences. He takes particular time over some books that were key in his development, but mentions many many more. I knew before I finished the first CD of this book that I needed to get myself a paper copy to keep. There are so many passages that spoke to me, and bits I'd like to quote that I know I need my own book.
Conroy is open, reflective, and honest in his reflections. Reading has been the key to opening the world to him. It is what determined his career as a writer, and his development of friends. There were so many interesting anecdotes, particularly those involving other writers, that gave me new perspectives on well known people.
This book is not to be missed.

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