Wednesday 10 November 2010

Mr. Shakespeare's Bastard

Finished November 9
Mr. Shakespeare's Bastard by Richard B. Wright
I found this novel to be a very quick read. It was pleasant and interesting. The story is told by Aerlene Ward, in her old age. She is a housekeeper at an Oxfordshire manor, and had started as a nursemaid to the now elderly landowner, Sir Walter. The youngest daughter of the family, Charlotte, has agreed to take down her story as Aerlene's eyes are failing.
Charlotte herself isn't sure whether she believes Aerlene's story that William Shakespeare was her father, but Aerlene's story rings true. The story begins with the life of Aerlene's mother Elizabeth, her sad love life, and her brief foray to London, where she met Shakespeare. It continues with Aerlene's own life as a child, and young woman. Aerlene is a calm woman, and bright and these qualities give her an advantage in life. She is also not afraid of hard work and that too helps her to have a successful life.

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