Sunday 28 November 2010

Homicide Related

Finished November 28
Homicide Related by Norah McClintock
This young adult mystery features Ryan Dooley, a character McClintock has used before. Dooley is working hard to stay on the straight and narrow, living with his uncle, going to school, and holding down a job. He hasn't touched alcohol or drugs since he's been out. He has a girlfriend, Beth, that he can't believe he's lucky enough to have. He has a friend at school, and a friend at work. He is passing his courses.
But then things start to happen. Beth starts hanging out with another guy, a guy with money and a "good family". Jeffie, a friend from Dooley's past shows up asking for a favour. And Dooley's mother is back in the picture, briefly, and then gone forever. Dooley starts to wonder how much he knows about the people around him, his uncle, Beth, and whether there is more that he needs to know.
Lots going on here, and some tough situations for Dooley. But opportunities as well, and hope for the future.
A good read, that will appeal to teens.

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