Saturday 10 April 2010

Audiobook Mystery

Finished April 10
The Headhunters by Peter Lovesey, read by Maggie Ollerenshaw
This mystery had lots of twists and turns leading to a satisfying conclusion.
Jo and Gemma became friends after meeting at a yoga class. One night when Jo is out with Rick bowling they meet up with Gemma and Jake. Gemma complains about her boss and talks about how she could kill him. They joke about different odds ways to kill someone, and then move on to the movies.
Gemma and Rick have hit it off and Jo has no problem with that. In fact she is rather interested in Jake. Hoping to meet him, she takes a walk early the next morning on Selsey beach. She is horrified to discover the body of a woman. DCI Hen Mallin gets the case and struggles to identify the woman.
Gemma notes to Jo that Fiona, a staff member who had been flirting with her boss, seems to have disappered along with the boss. The two go to Fiona's house to see if she is there and report her missing, but the pair also find another body.
As the case keeps leading back to Jo and her friends, Jo fights to prove the innocence of those she cares about. This case kept me guessing until near the end and provides lots of interesting plot as well as characters. A good read (or listen).

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