Sunday 21 March 2010

Canadian Mystery

Finished March 19
Taken by Inger Ash Wolfe
This is the second mystery featuring DI Hazel Micallef. She is recovering from back surgery, living temporarily in the home of her ex-husband Andrew and his new wife Glynnis. She's not sure that she's ready to go back to work, but a new case decides the matter for her.
A body is reported tangled below the surface of a nearby lake. The incident matches that of a new short story being serialized in the local paper.
When divers locate the body, it is not what Hazel and her team expected, but it leads them to a strange web-based video that causes them to be very worried indeed. Even though Hazel feels she is being manipulated, she cannot keep from continuing the investigation. But who else might she be endangering.
The case leads her out of her region and down into Toronto, and as she pushes the limits of her job, she may be jeopardizing that as well.
Lots going on, and an interesting plot line keeps the reader enthralled.

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