Saturday, 6 March 2010

Canadian Fiction

Finished March 5
The Sea Captain's Wife by Beth Powning
The main character, Azuba Galloway, grew up in a small community on the Bay of Fundy, Whelan's Cove. Her family were shipbuilders, and she always dreamed of going to sea someday. When she meets and marries a sea captain she expects to sail with him, but he leaves her shortly after their marriage while he goes on another voyage.
She doesn't feel comfortable with the other captain's wives, and is lonely in the big house on the hill, and finds a friend in an unlikely place. Just before her husband returns, her actions cause a scandal, and when he next returns to sea, he feels that she and their daughter must go with him.
As they voyage, Azuba discovers that sea life is not as she expected, and the difficulties test her in ways she didn't expect. They also test the marriage and allow Azuba and Nathaniel to see each other in ways they hadn't before. This is a story of discovery and adventure as well as a story of the couple.
Capturing the time period of the last days of the Age of Sail, this book gives a good sense of the life on board a ship and travelling the seas.

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