Wednesday 18 November 2009

More Canadian Fiction

Finished November 16
The Last Woman by John Bemrose
This is a novel set in cottage country in Ontario that encompasses not only a variety of relationships, but also native rights and the environment.
Billy has been away from Pine Island, where he used to be band chief, for ten years. He left after the loss of a case regarding native land rights where Richard was the band lawyer.
Billy and Richard had a falling out around the case and their relationship soured.
Richard and Ann were only recently married back then, and Ann's father was still alive. Now he has passed away and the couple have a young son with his own special issues.
Ann also has a personal past with Billy that has never been fully resolved, and while she is happy to see him back, she is not sure quite what she wants from him.
Billy is not sure what his place in his native community now is, and struggles to come to terms with issues in that society and the larger community around them.
There is a lot going on in this book and it grabs and holds your attention. This is a book that would appeal to book clubs, with a lot of discussion points and much to engage the reader.

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