Saturday, 28 November 2009

Children's Fiction

Finished November 28
Carbonel, The King of the Cats and The Kingdom of Carbonel by Barbara Sleigh
These two books are part of the same series and I have lovely editions from the NYRB for a gift to give this Christmas.
Lovely cats, a touch or two of magic, lots of adventures and two nice children make for a great read. We see young Rosemary Brown gain possession of a broom and a cat to begin, and follow her and the cat Carbonel as they work to find the tools and means necessary to free Carbonel from his spell. Rosemary is joined by John and he helps to discover the final step.
In the second book, Carbonel's kingdom is threatened by the greedy queen in the neighbouring kingdom and Rosemary and John once again do what they can to save the day.

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