Saturday, 26 April 2008

Latest Nevada Barr

Finished April 25
Winter Study by Nevada Barr
This is the first instance where Barr has revisited a National Park in her Anna Pigeon series. Here, Anna returns to Isle Royale in Lake Superior off the coast of Minnesota. This story is set in winter, around the real-life study of wolves on the island. Anna has accepted this opportunity to be part of the study as she knows that wolves will be a future consideration at her park in the Rockies. This year the study has a couple of government-chosen observers as Homeland Security is moving to open the park in winter as part of their border patrol against terrorism. If the park is opened in winter, the winter study of wolves will be shut down, and the park employees and scientists are fighting to prove that the study is still offering valuable information. However, it would appear this year that the wolves are behaving oddly, showing less fear of humans. As the group tries to figure out what is going on, people's fears began to surface. When a female member of the team is savaged by wolves the danger becomes personal and Anna finds herself fighting to save her own skin.
As usual, lots of action, drama and personal agendas going on. I read it almost nonstop, and enjoyed it thoroughly.

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