Sunday 18 November 2007

Neat book about human behaviour

Finished November 17
Quirkology: How We Discover The Big Truth In Small Things by Richard Wiseman
This interesting book by a British researching psychologist about the odd bits we have learned about human behaviour over the years is fascinating. He has grouped the information into chapters focusing on chronopsychology, lying and deception, belief, decision making, humour, helping others, with the last one a miscellany. Interesting bits I learned including that those born in the summer are luckier than those born in the winter, you should watch people's eyes to detect whether their smile is genuine or not, and women who drive minivans are more likely to break the rules. This last is one of the examples Wiseman includes in his afterword about how to pep up dinner conversations. I dare say I know some minivan driving women who would be put out by this psychological discovery. There are many neat things to be learned and I encourage all with an interest in the way others as well as ourselves behave to take a dip into this book.

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