Thursday 1 November 2007

Modern Day Fantasy

Finished October 31
Solstice Wood by Patricia A. McKillip
This is an interesting look at the relationship between the "real" world and the world of faerie. Sylvia Lynn lives far from the small village that she grew up in, running a bookstore that she owns. When her grandmother, Iris, calls her to let her know her beloved grandfather has died, she returns. She reconnects with family and her best friend, and with the woods that she has always felt drawn to. It is only when she attends the Fiber Guild meeting hosting by her grandmother that she realizes the power that exists in the forest and the control that the Guild tries to place on that power through their knitting, embroidering, and sewing. She is forced to face her own history in a way that she has been running from for years as well as reveal the secret that she has been hiding from everyone else.
There are interesting character and motivations and the plot offers another view of the effects of magic on the world.

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