Saturday, 6 October 2007

Wonderful Canadian Novel

Finished October 5
Cloud of Bone by Bernice Morgan
I really enjoyed Morgan's first book, and liked her second one, but this one I loved. Her details of the Beothuks in their last days were founded on fact, and thus read true. The story of Shawandithit is touching, and appealing to me. She came alive, as did the other Beothuks around her. The character of Kyle Holloway, a young Newfoundland man who entered the Navy early by lying about his age, also comes alive. He finds himself in deeper than he expected and struggling to cope. The present day character of Judith Muir also reads very true. Her grief and day-to-day actions as she retreats from society are honest, and the discovery that compels her beyond this to action is as compelling for the reader as it is for her.
This is definitely on my list of top books for the year and I will be recommending it highly.

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