Wednesday 17 October 2007

British Mystery

Finished October 9
Retreat from Murder by Marion Babson
In the quiet village of Brimful Coffers, which has a large number of mystery writers living among the population, Lorinda Lucas returns from a stateside book tour to find many new developments. A young girl has been killed by a hit and run driver who is still being sought by the police. Her cats, Had-I and But-Known, have taken pity on neighbour cat, Roscoe, who has been put on a diet by his owner's new girlfriend. Lorinda's friend Freddie has developed an interest in mysteries with recipes and is busy trying them out on her friends and the cats.
When two visitors to the village, mystery writers using the same character, get added to the mix, another murder brings suspicion to the newcomers. As Lorinda unravels the many stories drawn together by her friends, the understated humour of this book remains ever-present.

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