Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Troll, A Love Story

Finished July 25
Troll: a Love Story by Johanna Sinisalo
This is a wonderful book, but very different. Mikael (also known as Michelangelo or Angel) stops some teens from torturing a small animal. When he looks closer and finds it is a baby troll, he takes it home and tries to look after it. He asks a vet friend for advice, and begs food from the woman downstairs as well as using the internet. Just having the troll influences his relationships. His new relationship with the woman downstairs, a Filipino mail-order bride, raises her hopes and puts her in more fear of her husband than she already is. His sexual relationships with other men must take place away from his home. He also finds himself having strong feelings for the troll, whom he names Pessi. All this drama is interspersed with poetry, tales and newspaper stories about trolls, that give insight into how they have been seen by humans. I found it a lovely and touching book.

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