Monday 19 February 2007

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Finished Feb 18th
Causeway: A Passage from Innocence by Linden MacIntyre
This memoir of boyhood years in Cape Breton by the cohost of CBC's fifth estate is a strong story of a boy's relationship with his father and his community. Linden was a boy always interested in the world, both the world of the adults in his own community and the world beyond Cape Breton. He became friendly with a Hungarian man, Old John, who ran the temporary camp for the causeway workers, and with a young Korean engineer, Ted. He listened to the conversations around him, and made his own sense of them. He gives his impressions of his father and the life his father had to live to support the family. His book includes references to the idea of home and the roots that we all have. As someone who grew up moving often and without a real sense of a physical place as home, I can relate to his comments on this.

Finished Feb 16th
Undercurrent by Anne Metikosh
A mystery set in Northern Ontario with the main character Charlie Meikle, a conservation officer, suspicious about the circumstances surrounding the death of a friend of hers. The story travels to Toronto and back again, and includes bear poaching, environmental damage, abandoned mines and alcohol. Charlie, despite being a woman, is not to be taken lightly and she involves others in the story as her suspicions grow.

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