Saturday 24 February 2007

Busy week

Didn't get too much finished this week as it was busy. I did a non-fiction book talk on Thursday, and spent a fair bit of time preparing for that.

Finished Feb 23
Wash This Blood Clean From My Hand by Fred Vargas
Vargas comes through again with a winner. Adamsberg reappears in this one, dealing with a spectre from his past, the Trident. A chance glimpse brings this figure back to his life and gets him on the track that he abandoned years ago. Others are sceptical of his theories. His group at work makes a trek to Quebec and the spectre appears to be tracking him there as well. Does Adamsberg obsession lead him to commit a similar crime. Who is on his side? There are lots of twists and turns and interesting characters.

Finished Feb 20
An Alphabetical Life by Wendy Werris
From bookstore to publishing sales this memoir focuses on a life surrounded by books. Wendy also looks at her childhood in a Hollywood family and how that influenced her personality and choices. There are bad decisions and good, and she is honest throughout, not hiding any of her idiosyncrasies. She also mentions her favourite books from different eras, and I found that of interest.

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