Monday 21 August 2023

The Dangerous Hour

Finished August 17
The Dangerous Hour by Marcia Muller

This is part of the Sharon McCone series, fairly far along, and she is celebrating a planned expansion for her agency when things start going bad. One of her agents in training is accused of stealing a client's credit card and purchasing items online with it. The client also files a complaint against the agency, meaning that Sharon's license could be in jeopardy. As she complies with investigators, she also researches old cases to see who might have a grudge against her and be capable of this kind of planned attack. 
Sharon is also mulling over a question her longtime partner Hy has posed to her.
This book has a fast-moving plot, with lots going on in terms of clues that Sharon and her investigators follow up on, both near and far. 
I also liked the storylines around helping people improve their circumstances through training and other social resources. 

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