Wednesday 17 May 2023


Finished May 12
Happy by Mies van Hout

This delightful picture book is simple and captivating. With vibrant colours, the images stand out from their dark background, and the accompanying one word text with each picture, on the opposite page reflects the colours from the image. The word is written to convey the emotion that it states and that the image portrays.
The images look like messy sketches done quickly with pastels, showing movement and skill. All the images are ones of fish, and the fish are in different sizes, with different details, but have the same basic elements of body, fins, and tail. The colours used for each fish also speak to the emotion portrayed, and as a whole, the image, colours, and details, particularly mouth and eyes, really illustrate the emotion well.
This is a great book to use to talk to kids about emotions, and could just be read as is, but is better taken slowly, looking at the details and discussing how they reflect the emotion in different ways. 
I just love this author/artist and this book is another fantastic example of her work.

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