Monday 27 March 2023

Nothing But the Truth

Finished March 24
Nothing But the Truth by Holly James

Most of the action in this book takes place over a single day, and there is a lot going on. The main character is Lucy Green, a publicist for a PR firm based in Hollywood. She's hoping for a promotion, a proposal, a high-profile new client, and a very satisfying 30th birthday. 
The book begins the evening before where Lucy is waiting in a bar near work for her boyfriend Caleb to arrive. They've been together for two years and will be moving in together into a condo they've leased very soon. But Lucy admits to herself that she isn't excited about their relationship, and the bartender notices that she's not that excited about her drink either. When Lucy realizes that he's right and lets him bring her something else, she uses the new drink to make a silent wish for her birthday, that it be perfect.
From the moment she awakens the following morning, she starts noticing differences. She doesn't hold back from responding to her mother's criticism, she doesn't want to wear the Spanx her new dress requires, she doesn't want to smooth her hair into submission or cake her face with make-up. After a few interactions on her way into work, she realizes that what has really happened is that she cannot lie. Not verbally, not physically. A very interesting situation. 
As Lucy maneuvers her way through her day, dealing with wooing her new client, facing up to her boyfriend, and dealing with unacceptable actions at work, she finds herself realizing how unhappy she's been for a while, and how much she wants things to change. 
I loved the character of Lucy, and her friendships with Oliver and Nina, the way she treats Annie at the office, and Lily and Leo as clients. Lucy is stronger than she realized and very capable at her job and she has many people in her life who care about her.
There is, of course, great conversation, and a lot going on, but the way it all seems to flow well makes it a read that will keep you engaged and focused on Lucy and hoping that her day will be as perfect as she wished. 
Fantastic read. 

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