Sunday 12 February 2023

A Villa in Sicily: Figs and a Cadaver

Finished February 8
A Villa in Sicily: Figs and a Cadaver by Fiona Grace

This is the second book in a mystery series set in Sicily, (A Cats and Dogs Cosy Mystery series). The main character, Audrey Smart, is an American expat, a young woman who is a veterinarian. The village has been losing population and started a program whereby people can buy a house for the ridiculously low amount of €1 if they move there. Audrey has done this, and has now received approval to start a veterinary practice along with becoming a shelter for the strays in town. 
I haven't read any other books in the series, but found this one enjoyable on its own. It's a light mystery, and the food descriptions are an added plus.
Audrey is an intelligent young woman and used the help her dad with home projects, so she has some skills that will help her in bringing her house back to life. These skills also come into play here, as the shopfront the council has found for her to use is pretty basic and she needs to make it both inviting and functional. Audrey has made some friends here, both locals and other expats, and she calls on them to help. Audrey also has only rudimentary Italian and thus language issues are a reality. 
There is no other veterinarian in the town she lives and works in, so that's a plus for her. 
Here, she discovers that not all of council is on board with the shelter plan, and that some don't like the recent influx of foreigners and are definitely working against her. 
When Audrey is called out regarding a loose dog to a lake area nearby, she finds the large dog easily, but also a dead body. Because of the recent activity regarding Audrey's business, she is a suspect as well, as is determined to follow any leads she finds as a way to clear her name and protect her business. 
Audrey has a confidant back home, her older sister who is married with children, and who is both a cheerleader for Audrey and a force encouraging her to restart her love life with one of the attractive men she has met. 
This mystery isn't deep, but it is fun and has some light humour, with possibilities for future romance. A nice escape read.

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