Sunday 1 January 2023

52 Book Club's 2023 Reading Challenge

 Information on the challenge can be found here.
There are usually some mini-challenges in different months as well and I will add those in my Reading Challenge Progress page for the year.

The main list
1. A book with a subtitle
2. Featuring an inheritance
3. Title starting with the letter "G"
4. Title starting with the letter "H"
5. Title starting with the letter "I"
6. Under 200 pages
7. A city or country name in the title
8. Dystopian fiction
9. A book with a dedication
10. Takes place during the Roarding 20s
11. A book about secrets
12. High fantasy
13. Published posthumously 
14. A survival story
15. Set in Australia
16. Featuring one of the "seven deadly sins"
17. By a Caribbean author
18. Set during a war other than WWI or WWII
19. Typographic cover
20. A book about siblings
21. A second-hand book
22. A body-positive message
23. An alliterative title
24. Nordic noir
25. A fashionable character
26. Has an epilogue
27. Newberry Medal winner
28. Includes a funeral
29. Sends you down a rabbit hole
30. An author with a same name as you
31. Set in a workplace
32. Published by MacMillan
33. A banned book
34. Featuring mythology
35. A book you meant to read last year
36. Chapters have cliffhangers
37. Written in present tense
38. An enemies to lovers plot
39. The final book in a series
40. Written by a comedian
41. A character who is a refugee
42. Time in the title
43. A book "everyone" has read
44. A contemporary setting
45. First word in the book is "the"
46. Script font on the spine
47. Set in the city of Dublin
48. A book by Octavia E. Butler
49. Books on the cover
50. Related to the word "murder"
51. Doesn't fit any of the other 51 prompts
52. Published in 2023

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