Monday 17 October 2022

A New Beginning

Finished September 8
A New Beginning by Brenda Kennedy

Back home in California, Angel Perez had been in an abusive relationship with a man who threatened her with violence if she tried to leave. Some of her family suspected it and her Aunt Rosie left her a message at her death, telling her to take only the necessities and run to Rosie's cottage in Florida for a fresh start. Soon after the funeral, she takes the advice. She had spent time at the cottage when she was younger, but it has been years since she's been there. The personal touches her aunt made to the place comfort her as do her next door neighbours, who welcome her. 
She soon finds a job at a small insurance agency and makes friends with the two owners, who are near her in age, Sara Roberts and Brea Kinsley. The two women are both in happy relationships and are eager to fix her up with a friend, Dr. Mason Myles. 
Mason is very interested in Angel, but she keeps advancing and then retreating. She is attracted, but wary due to her past and the unfinished business from that that she fears will catch up with her.
I found her a little too focused on her appearance, with lots of references to her revealing outfits and high heels. I also found the dialogue in the book a little stilted, and not as flowing as conversations typically are. 
The plot was one that brought some surprises and moved very quickly. 

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