Friday 4 June 2021

Little Snow Landscape

Finished May 26 
Little Snow Landscape by Robert Walser, translated by Tom Whalen

This collection of short works by the Swiss writer Walser is organized in chronological order of writing. The first short piece, less than a page, is an ode to his home, and the last item is another longer nonfiction piece on his childhood in his hometown of Biel. In between there are both fiction and nonfiction pieces, some about travelling that he did on foot and by train in both his country and in Germany where he lived for many years. I think these were the ones I enjoyed most.
There are others that seem to be jottings of thoughts, such as "Hats" which looks at both headgear and words related to the German word for hat. 
Some of the fiction is more fantastical and he writes in first person, taking on different characters with unexpected meanderings. There are some references to class, such as servants and employers, workers doing tasks, and decisions made about activities due to financial constraints.
The title story is the enjoyment of venturing out for a walk on a morning after a fresh snow. It is a lovely piece. 
This is a nice book to dip into in those short periods of time waiting for someone or for an appointment.

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  1. This sounds lovely. Your description makes me think of William Carlos Williams's poetry.