Monday 5 October 2020

Shape Up, Construction Trucks

Finished September 30
Shape Up, Construction Trucks! by Victoria Allenby

This fun picture books uses the interest that many children have in construction equipment to teach them about shapes. Recommended for kids aged two to five, this book will definitely appeal to that age. The featured shape for that vehicle is show in a brightly coloured outline, as on the book cover, and the shape is also shown on its own. A simple repetitive rhyme is used on each page, so kids will be able to predict what is coming. This rhyme invites the child to look for other shapes on the page, spending time looking at each vehicle. Each two-page spread looks at one vehicle and one shape, but parents could definitely expand that as each vehicle features many shapes. The last two pages show and name all the shapes covered in the book, as well as five additional activities adults can do with the child to augment this learning, with some added tips.
I always love picture books that combine fun and learning and this is a good example. The pictures show the vehicles in work situations, although only one is actually moving in its scene. Kids can imagine who would be working in them.

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