Wednesday 12 August 2020

Simply Stitched

Finished August 9
Simply Stitched: Beautiful Embroidery Motifs and Projects with Wool and Cotton by Yumiko Higuchi, translated by Kyoko Matthews

This lovely book was originally published in Japanese and was inspired by the author's love of combining stitching with wool and cotton on linen. She liked the way it added texture and dimension to her work.
This book has eighteen motif and fourteen projects, described in detail, and sections on materials, tools, and techniques are included. She also includes a stitch guide for the stitches she used.
The projects are all for practical items that one can use.
Projects included:
* Floral Motif (used in a fabric belt)
* Thistle Motif (used in a needlecase)
* Ivy Motif (used in a clutch)
* Anemone Motif (design alone)
* Rooster Motif (design alone) (center cover image)
* Holy Night Motif (used in Christmas stockings)
* Little Flowers (used in winter hats)
* Marguerite Motif (used in a zip bag)
* Garden Motif (used in a pillow) (upper left and lower left cover images)
* Poppy Motif (used in a tote bag) (middle left cover image)
* Candy Motif (used on cardigan sweaters)
* Tree Motif (used on a teapot cozy) (lower right cover image)
* Dahlias and Daisies (used in sachets) (middle right cover image)
* Pigeon Motif (used in greeting cards)
* Leaf Motif (design alone)
* Tulip Motif (design alone)
* Spring Flower Motif (used in a mini tote)
* Bee Motif (used in bunting)
They are simple, yet charming. A lovely way to approach stitching in a new way.

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