Saturday 25 April 2020

A Finer End

Finished March 31
A Finer End by Deborah Crombie

I like this series and have been reading it all out of order. This is the seventh in the series. Here, Gemma has taken a new position due to a promotion that she went after. This has created some friction in the relationship between her and Duncan with them no longer working together, and they are both missing each other, but unsure of the way forward.
Duncan gets called by his cousin Jack to come to see him in Glastonbury where Jack is involved in a situation and his lover, Winnie has been hurt. As the case has entanglements back into the distant past of the town, it also has a number of side stories among the main characters.  Winnie's brother Andrew seems put out by her new relationship with Jack. Jack is having episodes that give insight into the town's past. A young girl, pregnant, has been taken in by a local potter, and is working in a cafe, but seems very protective of her secrets. Local artist Fiona has been having recurring visions that are disrupting her usual painting and creating some issues between her and her gallery owning husband. Nick Carlisle came to town a while ago after his graduation from university, running from the oversight of his mother and his own secrets. He has stayed, but not thrived here, working in a new age bookstore and living in a ramshackle caravan.
There is an element of the paranormal here, with old gods and messages from the past. Duncan and Gemma with him, come in late in the story, but have large roles to play in figuring out all the threads in this complex situation.
Very good.

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  1. I’ve been interested in this series, but not had a chance to read it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts