Monday 3 September 2018

Bring Me Back

Finished August 22
Bring Me Back by B.A. Paris, read by Cathleen McCarron and Kevin Hely

This novel is the third by Paris, and I admit that I didn't like it as much as the first two. It begins with a police statement from Finn, a statement that he admits isn't entirely true. Most of the book takes place 12 years later, but the impact of the disappearance of Finn's girlfriend, the reason for the statement, is huge.
Finn had met Layla by chance and taken her in for a few nights as she was unfamiliar with London, having come from the Scottish island of Lewis, where she had lived with her sister and father after the death of her mother a few years earlier. Layla is only 18 and finds it hard to find a job. Finn is possessive and jealous, and has a violent temper. Layla and Finn had gone skiing in France, and were driving home when they stopped at a rest stop. Finn left the car to go to the washroom, and when he returned, Layla was gone. We don't know how much of Finn's statement is true, and how much isn't, so we aren't really sure what happened between the two of them there.
12 years later, Finn has moved away from the cottage he shared with Layla, although he hasn't sold it, merely left it as it was, before the vacation. Finn is now living with Layla's sister Ellen, whom he met a couple of years ago when they had a memorial service for Layla. He and Ellen have recently got engaged, and now suddenly, it seems like Layla is reappearing in his life. It begins with the appearance of small Russian dolls, the innermost of a series of nesting dolls, which Layla carried with her. But it isn't just one doll, and when emails begin as well, Finn doesn't know what to think. He still has feelings for Layla, but he also loves Ellen, and he is torn.
Finn's longtime friend Harry, and the owner of the local pub, Ruby, also have roles to play here. But nothing is really clear until near the end.

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