Saturday 11 August 2018

A Good Day for Ducks

Finished August 1
A Good Day for Ducks by Jane Whittingham, illustrated by Noel Tuazon
This picture book has a young girl and her little brother venturing out on a rainy day. We see them looking out the window at the rain, then getting all their gear on to go outside. The happy illustrations show them enjoying everything a rainy day has to offer, puddles, mud, ducks, and worms. They are both fully engaged in the world around them.
When the lightning and thunder start, mom takes them home, pulling off their wet clothes and changing them into something cozy. She makes them cocoa, and gets them settled at the table with paper and paints to draw pictures about the fun they've had.
This is a book in celebration of a rainy day, of siblings, and of the fun of experience. Like Jane's previous book Wild One, this is a book about children enjoying nature.

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  1. Thanks for the post, Shonna! Jane's book, "A Good Day for Ducks" relates well to my life and work - How a silver lining exists within the struggles in life. Working with children and youth who need support and encouragement within their world that is bleak and without a silver lining is so important. Each child's life has something to offer and to celebrate...even though mental issues and disorders exist in their world. I like especially how you said, "this is a book in celebration of a rainy day..." cause there are rainy days and finding the good in them is what is needed for children and really children of all ages :)
    Thanks again! Jena