Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Mr. Miracle

Finished January 17
Mr. Miracle by Debbie Macomber

This short novel set in Tacoma, Washington, has Harry Mills, an angel come to earth for the first time to help someone through some issues and bring two people together. Even though he has studied for this assignment, he is not truly prepared for some of the feelings that he will be having as he takes a human role. He also doesn't understand all the cultural references that come up in the interactions he has with people. He is mentored by another angel Celeste, a female one with much more experience. She is kind, helpful, and understanding when he makes mistakes. She encourages him to think about what he is feeling and come up with his own solutions. She also uses questions to lead him in the right direction when he is feeling out of his element, and guides him back to his assignment when he finds himself distracted by other humans with issues.
This is also about a young woman, Addie Folsom, who has returned home after leaving in rebellion a few years earlier. She is ready to start again, and has enrolled at the local college. She moves back in with her mom, her father having died recently. She had planned on spending Christmas with her mother, but her mother had already made plans with a friend, another widow who lives next door. When she was young, Addie had a crush on Erich, her brother's best friend, and the son of the widow next door, but he'd only teased her and belittled her. She isn't inclined to be friendly with him now.
But when Erich falls and is hurt and with only his mother to look after him, it jeopardises the vacation plans, so Addie steps in and agrees to help.
This light holiday romance, with a touch of magic, is an easy read that will put you in a good mood.

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