Friday 7 April 2017

A Murder for Max

Finished March 30
A Murder for Max by John Lawrence Reynolds

This mystery is part of a series of books for ESL adult learners. Orca, among other publishers, realized that as many people learned English as adults, they didn't want to read children's books. The Rapid Reads series is appealing to adult readers, and yet uses vocabulary aimed at ESL learners. I love that this series and others are now available to the public, filling a gap that was ignored before.
Here the action takes place in the small town of Port Ainslie, Ontario. The police chief, Maxine Benson, used to work for the Toronto police, but the end of her marriage and a craving for a more relaxed lifestyle led her to this small community. She has one officer, and an imposing dispatcher working for her. When a murder occurs, and there is no shortage of suspects, everyone expects her to call in the provincial police, but she figures that she can solve the case herself, and prove herself to the locals that don't really think a female police chief is capable of serious casework.

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