Sunday, 1 January 2017

Summary of 2016 Reading

Well I set a goal to read 150 books for 2016 and read 153, so that was pretty good. I've decided to set the same goal for 2017.

Here are some numbers on my reading:
Adult books: 128
Teen books:12
Kid's books: 13

Genre (books may fit in more than one genre)
Fiction: 117
Nonfiction: 34
I read one play, 2 books of poetry, 3 books of essays, and 1 book of short stories.
Biography/Memoir: 12
Mystery: 45
Historical Fiction: 31
Fantasy: 11
Science Fiction: 4
Romance: 13
Western: 1

Male: 59
Female: 89
Mixed: 3

I read only 8 books translated from another language into English this year.
The languages translated from were:
French: 4
Spanish: 2
Korean: 1
German: 1
Italian: 1

I read 28 books by Canadian writers, which is definitely a low for me.

Graphic novels: 5
Audiobook: 27
Ebook: 4
31 were ARCs, and 18 were ones I signed up for on Netgalley (although mostly I ended up finding a paper copy rather than reading the netgalley edition)
41 books were parts of series

Where I got them:
Library Books: 56
Books I owned: 90
The rest were either borrowed from friends and family, or Netgalley ebooks.

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