Sunday 13 November 2016

Green River Falling

Finished November 8
Green River Falling by R.J. McMillen

I picked up this book after a friend recommended it. It is the third book in a series featuring Dan Connor. I haven't read the first two yet.
Here Dan is planning a much-deserved vacation with his partner Claire. He's taken his boat Dreamspeaker from its usual berth at Campbell River and is now in a small bay off Quadra Island. Claire is supposed to be joining him later that day and then they plan to go up the coast. When a boat comes into the bay toward him, he is surprised as only Claire knew where he was. The RCMP commander Markelson wants him to call him. It turns out there is a situation going on in the north part of the province where workers are being killed. Not only does Markelson want his insight as an undercover member of the team investigating, but his old friend Walker has also asked for his help in something that Markelson believes is related to the case.
Once Claire arrives, the two travel through the Inside Passage up to Prince Rupert, picking up Walker on the way. As they learn more about the circumstances of the victims, the nature of the crimes, and the way the investigators are thinking, Dan knows that he must meet the different players involved and not only get a feel for the personalities, but also bring a different perspectives to the case. While he worries about Claire's safety, and about bringing civilians like Walker into the investigation, he knows he needs them to get to the answers.
I liked the main character, and his partner Claire, and the inclusion of native legends and perspectives in a respectful way. The writing is very good and the plot is a good one. A series well worth reading.
Dan's investigation takes him not only up the Inside Passage and to Prince Rupert, but also to the Haida Gwaii and up Alice Arm. A great setting for a story.

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