Thursday 27 October 2016

Sit! Stay! Speak!

Finished October 26
Sit! Stay! Speak! by Annie England Noblin

This novel begins with Addie Andrews leaving her Chicago home to come to small town Eunice, Arkansas. She comes ostensibly to deal with the house she inherited from her great aunt Tilda, but she is also leaving a place that reminds her too much of her late fiance.
Addie has given herself a few months to do any repairs that are needed to the house, get rid of any of the contents she no longer wants, and sell the house. On a walk near the river as she takes a break from unpacking, she finds a young dog left for dead. She rushes him to the vet, saving his life, and ends up adopting him.
As she meets her neighbours and makes friends, she begins to find a new life for herself. There are, however, undercurrents of crime and secrets, and she doesn't understand why more people aren't standing up for what's right, and why a man she's met blows hot and cold.
This is a story of new beginnings, of caring about others, and of having the strength to speak up against the wrongs one witnesses.

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