Monday 5 September 2016

Mortal Fall

Finished September 4
Mortal Fall by Christine Carbo

This is the second novel in the series set in Glacier National Park. Here the main character is GNP's police officer Monty Harris, who also appeared in the first book, The Wild Inside. As the book begins, Harris is investigating the death of a man who is found at the bottom of a cliff near the Going to the Sun Road. At first, it appears to be a horrible accident, but soon Harris finds anomalies that don't fit. With the victim being an experienced park worker, and the fall site not an overly dangerous place, Harris starts looking harder at the victim's life.
The victim, Paul Sedgewick, known as Wolfie for his research on wolverines, was a family man, with a passion for the animal he researched. When another body is found nearby, the case grows more confusing. Is it a coincidence or not?
As Harris digs, he finds links to his own past and the correctional school his older brother Adam attended. He hasn't talked to his brother in years and doesn't have good feelings towards him. Will this influence his decisions on the case.
Harris is aware that leading his first major case is something he wants to do to prove himself to his superiors, and with his personal life falling apart, he must rely on others to assist him in the case despite his natural independence.
We see deep into Harris' personal issues here and that makes his character really come alive. The story also makes the park a big part of the story as the setting for the events.


  1. I love that she sets her books in National Parks; that's the draw for me. :)

  2. I like that too. Especially that I'm familiar with this park.